Raising Your Vibration

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Raising Your Vibration

Create a morning routine where you go somewhere or spend time alone. The idea is to be your higher self. Spend time with this version of you. Imagine how the day would unfold. Thank your higher self for this beautiful day. 

Our thoughts and mental images, including our worries and inner arguments create our day and shape our lives. When you rewire your mind to think and imagine positive things, you start rewiring old patterns that keep you stuck.

Another thing to consider when trying to raise your vibration and manifest new things in your life is to consider a mental diet. Avoid consuming information, news, movies, etc., that are violent. Remember, any information that you consume and that is activated by an emotion, starts actualizing in your life. This is how fears attract negative experiences.

Bring your desire to life by activating the feeling of having your wish fulfilled. Imagine how you would feel if you had your desires manifested. The feeling is the secret. The law of attraction doesn’t know the difference. If you are imagining it or actually living it, it will bring you more of that. Once you activate the feeling, it has to come.

Remember that our beliefs create patterns of ease or dis-ease in our lives. If we believe that manifesting is hard, it will be. It all starts in our imagination. And our imagination is the only reality. Everything else is the reflection of our state of mind and imagination.

The only way to understand the law of attraction is to study and practice watching what you put your attention on. Bring your awareness to everything you do.

Things to understand :   

The universe is organized and operates in an orderly way. The tide doesn’t go out and out and out, it comes back. Night is followed by day, day follows night, After Winter is Spring. These are laws.

The Law of Attraction is a secondary law to the Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration is that everything moves. If you look through a microscope you can see that matter is still moving. 

Your thought patterns control the vibrations you put out. 

The thoughts we think activate our brain cells that set up a vibration. This vibration sets up what you attract.  The vibrations of our thoughts operate on a frequency, just like our cell phones. Therefore your thinking controls your vibration.    

Mind is movement. The brain is the expression of the movement. 

Our brain is an electronic instrument or switching station. The trick is to keep yourself feeling good.

We want to activate the vibrations that bring us what we want. How do we do this? We have to imagine ourselves with it already. 

We have to know ourselves , our minds, well enough to understand what we are thinking. 

Where do we get all our energy? We don’t get energy, you release energy.  We have all the energy and it is our desire that is the trigger to release it. 

Repetition and study of the same thing for a long time will bring clarity. We can gain more understanding of the subconscious. We can rewrite our programs. We all have a program in our subconscious mind. It’s called a paradigm. We didn’t write the code for it. 

Persistence and good habits is how you get there. You have to go ahead or go backwards. If you have good habits, you’ll keep growing. 

Letting go of the past is important to do We’re programmed to think certain things. But remember to think of what you’re grateful for. When you learn how magic works, it’s not magic anymore. But when you know how the mind works, that’s the real magic. 

Questions To Ask Yourself: 

What holds you back from manifesting?  

What are some things that you can be doing to build confidence in your dream or goal?

How can you study yourself, your mind? Not the body.

How can I create my own environment?    

How do I change the feeling when I’m in an environment that is stressful? 

The law of polarity is that everything has an opposite, hot cold, up, down, good, bad. Look for what’s good. Looking at what’s bad is not going to reward you at all. It’s just gonna give you bad stuff. Awareness is more important than intellect.  Awareness is the key. Become aware of what you have and your strengths and gifts. 

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  1. Wow! Beautiful, powerful thoughts and words, Alison!…so right on! XX

    1. Thank you Leslie! This is indeed a powerful practice and I’m so happy it resonated with you!

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