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 Get a good strap! 

Practicing with your strap on your bass will help support proper playing technique. The strap helps your bass balance against your body and lets you to have your hands free to play the bass and not have to hold on to it. Have your strap at the right height, and it’s best to always play with a strap on your bass even while sitting down.

There are a few different ways that straps attach to the bass. One way is at the ends of the strap, there will be an opening where the strap buttons on the bass fits through.

A better and more secure way to do this, is to use strap locks. Strap locks, lock your strap onto your bass. This is the best way to prevent your bass from falling while you’re playing. 

There are different kinds of strap locks. I like using Scheler strap locks.

It’s also important to set your strap height so that your bass falls between your rib cage and your waist. If your bass is too low , it will change the angle at which your hands approach the bass and can cause technique problems. Setting your strap at the right length feels comfortable too!