30 Minute Bass Lesson


30 Minute Bass Lesson

Alison offers bass lessons/ coaching online via video call on Zoom.

All you need is something as simple as an ipad, laptop, or desktop with built in camera, microphone, and speaker. You could also use an interface for a more sophisticated setup. As long as we can see and hear and each other that’s the most important thing.


Alison offers bass lessons/coaching online via video call on Zoom. Sign up for a lesson or a lesson pack that works best for you!


  • Learn how to play walking bass lines. ( in 10 minutes!)
  • Expand fretboard knowledge.
  • Music Theory
  • Play with groove and power
  • Bass line creation. (how to create your own bass lines)
  • Apreggios, scales, modes ( theory knowledge and application )
  • Audition Prep in many different styles
  • Play your favorite songs
  • Jam and improvise with other musicians.



Choose a date on my online calendar here. https://calendly.com/alisonkeslow     If you are booking multiple lessons, book your first lesson on my calendar.
*Once I receive confirmation of your purchase, I will be in touch to send you your secret calendar to bypasses payment when you are ready to schedule your additional lessons!


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